DevCenter Innovation Limited, located around the Lekki axis of Lagos, is one of the newest tech startups on the block. They are a creative tech startup with a difference. 

They are driven by excellence and are intent on shaping and changing the technology landscape by delivering solutions that empower people and businesses across the technology spectrum. The startup has positioned itself to look into major gaps within focused sectors (Health, Financial Services, Education, Tech-Talents, and Social Life-style).They would be lighting the tech space with a number of products which are about to storm the market. In their kitty is WallX, iRatein, Sickbay+ and DevRecruit.

With these solutions from DevCenter Innovations Limited they are a startup with a difference owing by the number of products they are launching with. Their products are in finance, health and talent. There is no gainsaying that the sectors DevCenter has got viable solutions for are of critical need and importance in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. Unlike other startups that have got just one product or are focused on one sector of the economy they have got three and counting. Owing to the number of products they are about to launch in the tech space they are ahead of the pack and the trajectory may well be looking up for them.

In a conversation with one of the co-managing partners, they are committed to promoting socio-economic contribution to the software development community by providing a fantastic co-working space/innovation lab called “TheStage” ( situated somewhere in the heart of LekkiExpressWay, Lagos, Nigeria to assist The StartUp community in Africa and also create a platform for Nigerian business-oriented entrepreneurs who need not focus on operational expenditure to run a successful startup but rather channel focus on building a scalable solution to solve real problems.

DevCenter Innovation, which is co-founded by Subomi Jegunmah and Muhammad Aliyu, have expressed their passion for excellence with a background in business, management and technology and an Alumni of Lagos Business School, Berlin management Institute, etc.. In their statement, “…working for large corporates, understanding global and local business framework, flexible regulations, passion for excellence, right product, attitude to fail and try again, creation of value to the society via tech-solutions is one way to take Africa and Nigeria to the next level”.

Amongst their technology ancillary services includes; Digital Marketing, B2B Solution Integration, Talent Management, Product Design and Cloud Engineering services.

We believe the startup will deliver the value that will take Africa and Nigeria to the next level. Please let us welcome them into the tech ecosystem.


T: 01-6304704, +234 7063283502


Twitter: @DevcenterAfrica

Instagram: @devcenter_africa


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